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New Black Vortex Stainless Steel Frame Bimini Top 8 Ft Long, 97-103 Wide

New Black Vortex Stainless Steel Frame Bimini Top 8 Ft Long, 97-103 Wide

New Black Vortex Stainless Steel Frame Bimini Top 8 Ft Long, 97-103 Wide

NEW BLACK VORTEX STAINLESS STEEL FRAME BIMINI TOP 8 FT LONG, 97-103 WIDE. Telephone Assistance Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm Central Standard. WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY.

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US. ITEM YOU RECEIVE WILL BE WHAT YOU SEE PICTURED AND DESCRIBED. WE ARE EASY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH... Central Standard Time Vortex Bimini Tops are made with the best marine fabric available.

It is the same fabric from which we have our covers made. The fabric is marine grade polyester that is treated and sealed in multiple ways. Specifically, it is double polyurethane coated on the bottom, or down side, as well as UV protected and mildew protected. Polyester and acrylic are very similar for bimini tops.

Polyester has a very rich color and holds up to UV exposure very well. It also is very strong, resists stretching, retains it shape well. It has a very'high end' look and feel, in addition to being quite heavy duty. Relative to acrylic, it is more water repellant and abrasian resistant.

For bimini tops, polyester was cited as the'best value' by the Boat Owners Association of the United States. Given all of this, we chose to have our tops and covers made from polyester. It is not just standard polyester, however, as it is marine grade polyester material that is double polyurethane coated, UV protected, and mildew protected, for extra durability and water proofing.

The material is designed such that although it is extremely waterproof, water vapor can permeate it. This is not an issue normally for bimini tops, but for storage/mooring covers, it is very important.

If polyester is the best material for covers, it is the best for a bimini top. In effect, it keeps water out, but lets water vapor escape, thus greatly decreasing the chances of mildew, mold, etc. The fabric is 600d, 600 denier, or 7.8 oz weight, making it a very heavy duty material.

We use the same material for our boat covers as well, as it is simply the best value. To be fair about it, it is simply the best, even if you take the'value' out of it. The point is that given all available materials for bimini tops and covers, this is the best choice, even if price were not a concern.

These are excellent for pontoon boats, deck boats, or really any boat whose distance between the mount points is within the width range listed above for this bimini.. Excellent for cruisers, ski boats, runabouts...

Just as long as the width fits within the specifications for this top.. Just look at our pics, and notice how it would mount to your boat. It is a no brainer on pontoon boats and deckboats, and almost one for other type boats!

As far as the support system/framework, this is stainless steel frame bimini. These frames have no nylon fittings. Everything is stainless steel, even the hardware. The frame is 7/8 stainless steel round tubing, and it is extremely strong. Given that almost no metals are completely corrosion proof, stainless steel is without a doubt the best balance between cost effectiveness, and near corrosion-proofness!

Vortex Stainless Steel Frame bimini tops are also simply the best value you will find in stainless steel frame bimini tops! Please notice 2 extra things we add in as part of the deal.

One is the rear support poles that come with Vortex Bimini Tops. Many bimini tops come with 4 straps (2 for the front, and 2 for the rear). Our stainless steel frame biminis come with straps for the front, and support poles for the rear. The support poles add structural integrity to the top when it is up, given the inherent stronger nature of a metal pole vs a strap.

This will also let you position the top in the'radar' position, for easy deployment to full canopy. The other bonus we throw in is the storage boot.

It is great for storage and keeps the top safe from the elements, as well as neat and organized. It is just a simple tube that zips around the top when you are not using it. We strive to make size selection very easy. We will be glad to help you. All of our bimini tops are 54 tall, which is standard for pontoon or deck type boats.

This height generally gives ample headroom, but does not get tall enough that it is flimsy. With the bimini being 54 tall, and after you mount that to the top of rails that are normally 2 or 2 1/2 feet tall, you get a nice overall height of 6 1/2 to 7 feet.. Plenty of room to walk under for almost anyone!

To determine which one of our tops you would like to order, first figure out how long of a top you need. This would be roughly the length of the area of shade you want to provide. Our tops come in convenient lengths of 8', 10', and 12'.

Then, determine the width of the top that you need. Measure from center to center across the rails where you want the bimini to mount. Vortex Stainless Steel Tube Bimini Tops normally mount directly to the top of the rails pontoon boat, deck boats, really any boat! We generally recommend not to keep the Vortex bimini top'up/extended' position, when not in use.

Vortex Bimini tops are extremely waterproof, so leaving them extended gives them the opportunity to collect water, and possible damage the railing due to excess weight. We recommend, when not in use, to store the bimini covered either in the'radar' position, or collapsed position. This ensures no water collection, and greatly reduces the chances of damage.

Instructions are included with the Vortex Bimini Top.... 1 page, front and back, with pictures... Installation is very easy for anyone with even moderate handyman type skills. It is a very easy 2 person job, with very very basic hand tools. A cordless drill, tapemeasure, screwdriver, pencil, etc.

It is a 1 to 2 hour job... Maybe a little less with a helper. Our experts are standing by, ready to assist you. Every wonder why a lot of sellers use the same old generic pictures as everyone else?

We wonder that also, so you will see, along with sample pics, many of our products directly in use. We guarantee you will be satisfied with you Vortex Bimini Top. Let's work together, to make this a 100 percent positive experience for all involved! The item "NEW BLACK VORTEX STAINLESS STEEL FRAME BIMINI TOP 8 FT LONG, 97-103 WIDE" is in sale since Monday, April 1, 2013. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Boat Parts\Accessories & Gear\Covers".

The seller is "vortexdirect" and is located in Florence, Alabama. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada.

  • Brand: VORTEX
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BLACKSS8-97103

New Black Vortex Stainless Steel Frame Bimini Top 8 Ft Long, 97-103 Wide